Songistic can operate in three modes. Your normal view is the Control Mode where you have all the control buttons visible on your screen. View mode utilizes 100% of your screen space to display only the chart you need. NOTE: a double tap anywhere on a song sheet the screen will toggle between the Chart View Mode and Control View Mode!

1. Control Mode: in Control Mode all control bars are visible top and bottom. This is your normal view mode. Use this mode to make changes, set key, tempo, groove, style etc.. and start playing the song using the midi engine. Used for playalong for practice and performance. From Control Mode you can go to Edit Mode, if you tap the edit button in the top-left corner.

2. Chart Mode: only the chart is visible, compressed if necessary to fit the page perfectly. You can use this if you don’t want anything else on the screen but the chart. Double tap to go back to control mode. or swipe left or right on the chart to get to the next/previous song in the current playlist.

3. Edit Mode: edit an existing song or make a new song from start. All features of a block-music-chart are available for you in an organized in a priority/logic based hierarchy. Set the time signature, then enter any chord on any beat in any bar, or make repeats and rests, etc. Edit Mode is explained in detail later on in the User Manual.