Songistic has its own Playalong/Backing Track module for practice and performance. Songistic can play any song in your song inventory including the songs you are importing from other applications.

We proudly present you a Playalong mechanism that sounds so good you can even performe with it. Dozens of adjustable styles and adjustable instruments are all here for you. Just click on play and enjoy!

NOTE: In Songistic there is no need to stop the playback of the song to change grooves/groove attributes. Just keep it playing while you play around with grooves, change instruments or tempo, etc.


 Play Button: starts playing the song in midi, using the settings from the Groove/Instrument panels. By default the entire song is played/repeated. If any part of the song is selected then the selected sections is played/repeated. Please see the Performance/Lead-in section for more details on this. Rest are honored in this mode. Pressing while playing will put the song into ‘Pause’ mode.
 Play Form Button: starts playing the song in midi, just like the play button, but with
some differences. On most songs in control mode you will see that the “form” (eg. AABA) after the Intro and before the Outro/Coda) the bars are shown with a darker background color. This is the ‘form’, the meat of the song, as it were, most players will practice this part of the song to play solos, etc.. Songistic make this easy by automatically detecting the form in the song for you. Remember, you can always select any part of the song, then this button will also just play the selected part. One more important difference: the ‘Play Form’ button will will ignore the rests in the song and play through them, just like it is done in a real life jazz solo.
 Stop Button: Stops playalong.


 Lead-in/Performance Button: this button gives you the Lead-in/Repeat Settings Panel. Lead in bars will determine how many bars will be counted off before the music starts playing (usually it is set to 1 or 2). The metronome sound for the lead-in clicks can be set also on this panel.

Repeat Settings: The default is “keep repeating”, meaning that the song will be repeated from top to bottom. Once this button is set to ‘Play Once’ the song will play down once from top to bottom, then stop. 2x, 3x, etc.. means that the intro is played, then the head/middle section (shown in the darker color for the solo mode) will be played 2 or 3 .xx times, then the ‘Outro’ if any, then the playing stops. This mode can be used for recitals, playing the song with a predetermined length. If the repeat setting is anything other that the default, the play button will turn red to warn the user that the song’s form will only play a set number of times.

 Tempo Button: Shows the current tempo, clicking on it will give you the Tempo Panel where the tempo can be changed. Songistic will remember the tempo setting on this device, next time this song is called up, the same tempo will come back.

Volume Button: Clicking on this button will give you the Volume Panel where the volume
can be changed. The volume is a global setting on your device, not per song. Using the
hardware buttons on your device will also change this volume setting.


 Mixer Button: Clicking on this button will give you the Mixer Panel, where you can set the volumes of drums, piano, bass and optionally guitar where it applies.

 Groove Button: Clicking on this button will give you the Groove Panel:
The top button (‘swing’) can be changed by swiping it up/down, or a single tab will give you the menu. This is true for all flat buttons in Songistic. Once you select a groove using the top button, you will have a different set of Groove Attributes you can change or leave at their default state.