Buttons on your screen


Control Mode is the normal view when you have buttons visible on the edge of the screen. In this section you can learn about all the features of the buttons one-by-one.

Top Right Button group:

Key Button:

The key button will let you transpose the song into any key and view and play it with the playalong player in that key. The current key is highlighted with color, if you change the key, the original key will remain colored differently to show you what the “default” key is (it ca be set in the Song Editor). Changes of keys with the key button will be remembered by Songistic. Please note: a key change here is only saved on your device, will not be saved in the song itself. You can change the original key of the song if you edit the song and change the original key.


This button has a menu that gives the user a lot of choices in how to view the currently loaded song.

The bars/line setting (Automatic, 4, 6, 8) will determine how many bars will go on a line. The default is Automatic, which means Songistic will give you the most optimal setting for your device and screen orientation at the moment.. You are free to experiment with this, and adjust the way you feel like to view a songs. Songistic will remember this setting on your device per song/orientation (landscape or portrait are remembered separately.

Continuous Sections will make it ignore the newlines for Section Titles, making the song shorter (only optimal for very long songs or songs with many sections) .

Auto Navigation: If the song has the standard AABA form, then Auto Navigation is enabled. This will make an easy guide for the playalong midi player and the performance mode. Intended for use in small screens, it automatically inserts DS/Segno/Coda navigation to save the space. Will not affect how the song is played in midi, as no view option adjustments affect how the song is played with the playalong midi player. A note for authors: as you create your song, and it is an AABA format, then write your song without navigation, write out the last A section. This way your users can decide whether or not to use Songistic’s auto-navigation to save space based on their particular device. People with large screen iPads will probably not want to save space, they would rather opt for easier readability without D.C and Coda.