Why Songistic?

How is Songistic better than other similar applications? Here is a summary:

  1. DESIGN: Unlike our competition, Songistic was designed to be a mobile app, so charts do not appear as a static hardwired “transposable pdf”. Just rotate your device and  you’ll see what we mean. You can view any of the charts your way, regardless who wrote them, you can customize the chart layouts so it fits the device you have from a small iPhone to a large iPad. Options include portrait or landscape, number of bars per line, compression level to fit the page, chord and lyrics display options, etc..
  2. MUSIC & SOUND: Songistic has many sounds and grooves built in. Unlike other apps you can play with the grooves, their groove options (like switching sticks to brushes) while the song is playing! If your song has a swing groove, you can change tempo while the song plays and the feel will change with it. No need to have Mid-Swing-1 or Fast-Swing-3, because our swing groove adopts dynamically in real time and with the various options you can individualize the groove for each song.
  3. EASY EDITING: If you decide the take the plunge into customizing the charts for yourself or creating new ones, well, Songistic is your app! Our editing screens are designed to be very easy to use. Bar editors and chord selectors are set up with commonality order and logic, such that if you use simple chords you will not have to weed ninety different chord types just to have a minor7. List of types are always limited to the ones you can actually use in the given situation. Our Quick Insert-Bar™ will give you whole bars with one tap, and our advanced copy-paste functionality will help you set the song structure up fast.
  4. EDUCATIONAL USE: Songistic has the functionality of including comments any place in your chart, which is great for music teachers to include help messages for students.
  5. SONGWRITING AND PERFORMANCES: It is very easy to put down a couple of chords, pick a groove and start playing. As you keep playing with the tempo and groove while you listen it will give you ideas for your song, so you can sing and play along with it. It will be inspiring for sure! Also if you decide to have a one-man-band performance you can quickly set up a performance for any song with set-length , intro and outro and play along with it live for your audience.


Our chord sheets are made by professional musicians and are 100% guaranteed and correct, ready for your gig or practice


Select from various keyboards, guitars, drums, bass, adjust all controls, tempo or feel real-time without stopping music



You can create and edit chord charts in a never seen before easy and fast wayour Fast Chord Chart Creator saves you times and taps



You can drag and drop songs from packages, make your own lists of songs, export and import songs from and to other music applications