Songs, Packages, Playlists


1. All Songs and Recent Songs (generated)
2. Packages (provided by Songistic)
3. My Playlists (editable)

1. All Songs and Recent Songs: these are generated playlists. Use All Songs to find any version of any song that is in Songistic in any package or playlist. Recent Songs shows you your recently viewed songs. This section will not collapse.

2. Packages: These packages of songs are provided by Songistic. These are checked and approved chord sheet, they will automatically add when you download Songistic. We regularly update our packages, new songs are automatically downloaded when you use Songistic. You are free to use these charts any way you like, such as view, play copy, share, export, etc. Songs in the Packages Section cannot be edited, however, you can make copies of these songs under the ‘My Playlists’ section and edit, duplicate, adjust them the way you want.

3. My Playlists: this where you put your own songs and your editable versions of existing songs. You may create/delete/edit as many playlists as you want in this section and drag & drop songs from packages or other playlists to make playlists of them here.


Important: remember, you can only edit playlists under the ‘My Playlists’ section. Packages instead come preinstalled and fixed, but you can drag any songs into My Playlists section, then you can edit them there.

1. Create new playlist: In the ‘My Playlists’ section header, click the
button. A new empty playlist will be created with a default title that will be shown on the list with no songs. Double tap on the new playlist and you can rename it to anything, (including emojis).

2. Rename playlist: Double tap on the playlist name and you can rename it to anything you want, (including emojis).

3. Delete playlist: In the ‘My Playlists’ section header, click the
(pencil) button. It will put the list into editing mode, showing the standard iOS list editing controls. Delete your list. Remember: this will delete all songs in your playlist, but only those. There are no links in Songistic, each song is a copy, so they are safe to delete. Nothing outside of this list be be touched.

4. Copy the entire playlist, or some songs from it: select the playlist in
question. Type something into the Search Bar,, or leave it empty. Click the ‘save search results’ button next to the Search Bar, and you will get a new playlist with the search results. If the Search Bar is empty, you get a copy of he entire playlist.

5. Merge playlists: Tap-and-hold the playlist you want to merge into another one (the source). After one second it becomes draggable. Drag-drop it onto the target playlist. Songistic will ask you if you want to merge the contents of the source playlist into the target one.

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